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big island | zipline tours

A Hawaii zip line adventure will have you soaring and flying like a bird above a landscape of scenic rain forest, an exhilarating memory of scenery that can't be viewed from the ground for the whole family that will last a lifetime. Zip-line Tours, sometimes called Canopy Tours when suspended above a forested area, have recently become a very popular vacation activity.

A zip line is a inclined cable hanging between the launching and termination platforms from which riders are suspended by a harness attached to a pulley. You may have seen a demonstration on television from coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics, This zip line was suspended in downtown Vancouver Canada, it proved to be so popular that the ride was extended for some period after the Olympics were over.

In Hawaii it is as close as you can get to being a bird flying across the top and through the jungle with little physical exertion under the guidance of certified professionals. Zip line tours are available on the Big Island Hawaii, Kauai and Maui.

The zip lines constructed by eco-tour companies are high above scenic areas and are safety inspected to the highest standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). All safety equipment is provided on site.

I recommend wearing long pants and shoes suitable for hiking, rain gear (just in case it is not provided by the tour company) also take along your swimsuit as most tours include an opportunity to swim in a secluded pool during which time a picnic lunch is served. You don't want to forget your camera either, just make sure you secure it to your person and it doesn't dangle while riding the zipline. Anything that falls from your person while riding the zipline will be difficult if not impossible to retrieve.

Big Island Eco Tours - Big Island Eco Tours offers a zip line canopy tour lasting 3 - 4 hours consisting of 8 ziplines, 2 bridges (1 wooden, 1 suspension), 3 waterfalls and a cantilevered lanai called the “Mac Nut Hut” overlooking a 32’ waterfall on the beautiful North Kohala Coast. Participants must weigh between 80 – 270 lbs. The tour is restricted for people with heart conditions, recent bone or joint injuries and pregnant women. You are transported to your launching point from the Big Island Eco Tours' base yard in Hawi in a high mobility all-terrain six-wheel drive Swiss Army Pinzgauer up along the North Kohala mountainside for a 30 minute off-road safari. The first zip line, the Keiki line 200 feet long, is designed as an introductory zip line to assist you in getting accustomed to the "feel of flying". Three more ziplines will take you the “Mac Nut Hut”, a cantilevered pavilion that overlooks a 32’ waterfall. Here you will sit back and talk about your adventure while cracking fresh macadamia nuts and eating locally made baked goods and organic fruits. The last two ziplines are certain to take your breath away with views of a waterfall, Kohala Lighthouse, and Maui in the distance. The longest zipline being an amazing 1100 feet long.

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Pa'ani Ranch - A fun and exciting tour with seven ziplines including our Grand Finale tandem line where two people can race over our natural lily pond. The lines range from 300’ to 980’ long with speeds up to 40 miles per hour. They are positioned to provide riders with beautiful views of the Puna coastline, a live Volcano (Kilauea’s smoking Pu’u O’O vent), Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa Mountains and of course the ranch complete with cattle, horses, donkeys, and an assortment of other farm animals.

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