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kauai | gardens

The island's opportunities are bountiful if you want to see, taste, experience, and genuinely discover your own Kauai. Distinctive signature gardens fling a kaleidoscope of colors and kinds of flora and fauna into your memories; Kauai is known not only as the island of discovery, but equally significantly as the Garden Isle.

Na ‘Âina Kai Botanical Gardens - "Lands by the Sea" in Hawaiian, is ever-evolving and unique among the world's botanical gardens. Only here, at the crossroads of the Pacific, will you find the particular rare palette of flora, fauna, land, water, and climate that inspired the founders of these gardens to embark upon their one-of-a-kind creative endeavor. Spanning 240 acres, Na ‘Âina Kai is a living mosaic of 13 diverse and bounteous gardens, a hardwood plantation, a moss- and fern-draped canyon, and a pristine sandy beach stretching between a meadow and the aquamarine waters of the Pacific. Gracing the gardens and wild areas throughout this once-private estate are more than 70 bronze sculptures, one of the nation's largest collections.

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Limahuli Garden and Preserve - Limahuli Garden and Preserve extends over 1,000 acres in a verdant tropical valley covering three distinct ecological zones. Ongoing programs in watershed protection and studies in plant and animal stream life are conducted at this site. In 1997, Limahuli Garden was selected by the American Horticultural Society as the best natural botanical garden in the U.S., noting its research, teaching and educational programs have demonstrated the best sound environmental practices of water, soil, and rare plant conservation in an overall garden design.

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