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Some say it's the true Hawaii, the untouched, the unscaved. Others simply say it's the 'old Hawaii.' It doesn't really matter what you choose to call it, Molokai is ideal if you're looking for the unexplored, even the obscure. This rural and peaceful place prides itself on having absolutely no malls, traffic or neon lights; it's main city, Kaunakakai stretches across three blocks. In Mauhaloa the Big Wind Kit Factory, has been a popular tourist attraction for the past 30 years. The 70-year-old Purdy macadamia nut farm is an excuse to try out different nuts and nut products while learning about how they're harvested.

Perhaps more well known is Kalaupapa Peninsula, famous for its settlement of leprosy suffers until 1969. Kalaupapa is now known for its secluded town, dramatic natural setting accessible by mule ride through treacherous terrain. Molokai is also known for its secluded beaches, towering waterfalls, Moaula and Haipuapua Falls both reach 250 feet and protected sand dunes.