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Molokai | activities

Molokai's natural, untouched setting provides the ideal backdrop for almost any outdoor activity. You can easily rent a kayak and within a short time come across a secluded beach, or a private reef perfect for a quick snorkel, or if you're lucky, you can cast a line and be the only person attempting to catch a fish. If you were to venture out on a mule tour, you're guaranteed an experience comparable to no other. The beauty of Molokai is in its simplicity, its natural beauty, the strain of a long hike won't register as you'll likely be distracted by an ancient temple you've come across or an inviting waterfall you're compelled to dive into.

Molokai is also a known producer of coffee and macadamia nuts. A tour of the 70-year old nut farm is an excuse to try out some of the famous nuts and learn more about how they're cracked, processed and more importantly, it's an opportunity to sample macadamia honey and other nut products. A hike across the Kalaupapa Trail on the north side of the Molokai Forest Reserve will eventually lead you to Coffees of Hawaii plantation and if you make it before 11am, you're just in time for the morning espresso tour, an opportunity to experience the plantation in person, walk amongst the beans, learn about what goes into turning the beans into the perfect cup of coffee.