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Monday nights, Hawaii Five-O or everyday repeats of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Magnum PI are some of Oahu's classic pop-references. Oahu is Hawaii's business centre, major residential area and governmental hub. It's truly the place to be if you want to be close to the action, the beaches, restaurants and outdoor adventures. Each year from November to December the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, one of the world's largest surfing events held in Pupukea at Sunset and Banzai beaches, draws over 23 thousand physical spectators and over 2.5 million online visitors. On any other given day you can check out the legendary surfers of the North Shore, or take one of the many 'learn to surf' courses-it might not be enough to get you ready for the Vans Triple Crown but it will definitely get you in the scene. Diamond Head is another famous, not to mention, absolutely beautiful place to surf. Hawaii is generally known for its surfing, Oahu especially.

While on Oahu, visit Pearl Harbor, USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial to pay your respects and take in a piece of history. Nu'uanu Pali, another sacred site, is where a 1700's historical battle took place. Goddesses are represented throughout the valley, at Hapu'u and Ka-lae-hau-old, you can present offerings, or take in a panoramic, mountainous view of the Oahu coast.