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Oahu is Home to More Than 125 Beaches. From the powerful, pounding waves of the North Shore, to the gentle break in Waikiki - whether you enjoy the crowds or prefer isolation - there is a beach on O'ahu waiting for you. Snorkel next to schools of tropical fish at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, voted Best Beach in America for 2004. Learn to ride the same waves as ancient Hawaiian chiefs did along Waikiki Beach at one of O'ahu's fine surf schools. Watch in awe as the world's best professional surfers carve up the North Shore's massive waves every winter. Bringing the whole family to O'ahu? Numerous beaches around the island have picnic areas that are near the beach and facilities to accommodate the keiki.

With 112 miles of beaches surrounding the island of O'ahu, the hardest thing to decide on is which beach to go to. Regardless of your choice, kick back, relax and soak in O'ahu, paradise found. Hawaii Beaches get busiest in winter [Dec - Feb], mainly because of the weather elsewhere. June to October is the hottest beach weather, December to March the wettest. The average temperatures are more or less the same winter and summer. If you're into surfing, winter months are the best, especially the Christmas season at Oahu's North Shore, otherwise the summer [July-August] has the best water condition for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing and scuba diving. Beware that some beaches have seasonal high surf in summer.

Web Cams at Waikiki Beach - From a height of thirty stories, watch the parade of colors that is Waikiki by day, or revel in the radiance of Waikiki by night.

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Oahu Beaches - Hawaii's beaches are beautiful but often treacherous. To familiarize yourself on potential hazards before visiting Hawaii, please see the Hawaii Lifeguards' site for Common Hazardous Beach and Ocean Conditions. When visiting a beach, please heed the following Basic Ocean Safety Tips provided by the lifeguards

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Waikiki Swim Club - Waikiki Swim Club - was started in 1971, and is Hawaii's oldest organized club devoted to promoting safe and fun ocean swimming. The club sponsors several ocean swims and biathlons, including the North Shore Swim Series, the Christmas Biathlon, and the Valentine's Day Biathlon.

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