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oahu | hiking

Anyone who has hiked Oahu, as with all the Hawaiian Islands, will comment wholeheartedly of the experience. The physical strains are rewarded with a plethora of ocean blues, forest greens, earthly browns, and heavenly whites. Something magical happens to you as you gaze upon Oahu's distinct ridge lines as they meet with the curls and curves of the ocean. Like staring into the deep-blue rapture of a lover, the Pacific's hues stir heartbeats and memories forever. There are few places on Earth which afford such spectacular vistas of land, sea, and air, exotic flora, fauna, and inviting temperatures all in one moment. It is of the stuff no picture, no painting can capture. Oahu is an absolute in these respects!

Na Ala Hele Trails and Access - select a trail you wish to explore. Click on the numbered button to view a photo, detailed map and technical data for your trail. Or select a trail from the pulldown menu below.

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Oahu Hike Tales (by Area) - Turner modestly suggests "for thorough, well-written descriptions of Oahu's trails, I recommend Stuart Ball's 'The Hikers Guide to Oahu'" but you will learn a lot if Turner is leading the cyber-hike

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